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Start your eCommerce integration

  • Pass the API key into a REST API call as a header parameter with the following format:
curl -H 'x-api-key: b1f323f8-16c1-4610-8457-c4942a928f31'



Do not share your secret API keys in publicly accessible areas such as GitHub, client-side code, and so forth. Keep them secure!

  • Test the test API key, in our Paybyrd API Reference, by doing the following:

    • Access an “API Reference” page dedicated to an endpoint, for instance, the Create Payment
    • Insert your test API Key on the Authentication Header
744 910
  • You can choose an already pre-filled Request example, with your test API Key, and check if it’s valid, by consulting the RESPONSE returned:
732 728


If the test API key is not valid, then after clicking “TRY”, it’ll return the error 401 with the "Authorization has been denied for this request" message on the RESPONSE.


On the “Example” button on the REQUEST window, you can choose the payment methods available (card, POS, Multibanco for instance).

API References Summary

Create PaymentThis endpoint once made a request, creates a “TransactionID”, This endpoint is valid to trigger a payment directly via API if user’s details are known.//
TransactionsThese are the types of payment transactions that can be done after a transaction has been created.

There are the following types of transactions:
WebhooksThis allows you to receive notifications, informing you of payment status updates. You need to create on your server an URL to receive an HTTP POST request from Paybyrd and configure it in your subscription.//
Pay by linkThis allows you to create or resend a Pay by Link, so you can send your customer an online link to pay anything you wish. Once created, a new Order is generated.

It’s a simple web address that can be shared via SMS or email with your customers, once clicked it’ll open a payment form on a web browser.
SubscriptionThis allows you to create subscription-based payments with a configurable time of recurrence.//
OrdersThis allows you to create a new Order, that can be paid by enabling and using the Hosted Form feature.//
TokenizationThis allows to create and manage tokens.//