In-store Terminal | Configuration

Start your In-store integration

Before testing, check to guarantee that you have a Debug Terminal and what’s its version. Compare the version against our most recent version:

  • You can check on the page POS Application Manual - Settings

  • In case you can’t Login in Paybyrd’s APP, check the version by going to the terminal’s System Settings > APPs > Paybyrd Hospitality

  • You know that it’s a Debug Terminal (test), if you have the watermark on the bottom-right corner of the terminal



Make sure that the Debug terminal has the latest, the numeric values are followed by “TPD”.

If you have installed “LPR”, that is the Production version, thus when trying to process payments, they won’t be processed – you’ll have an error “Payment Failed – Gateway Authentication has failed!”

Update the terminal version

  • Connect the terminal by cable to your PC or laptop

- Download the most recent version, using this LINK

Note: the item will go to the Downloads folder, leave it.

  • Download the [ADB (Android Debug Bridge)] (
    Note: the item will go to the Downloads folder, leave it.

  • Run via command line the installation:

    Mac OS
    • cd Downloads/platform-tools
    • adb install -r ../

    • cd Downloads/platform-tools
    • adb.exe install -r ../

  • Confirm in terminal that the version has updated to the latest (1.7.1-TPD)

Install with Android Kit

If you don’t have a version installed on your TPA or for some reason, the procedure in the previous section or didn’t work you can try to install/update Paybyrd’s APP, by doing the following:



The Android Kit content must be in a local folder, cannot be a folder in the Cloud

  • Run the "pos_android_tool_installer-0.0.1-all".
  • With the POS Tool open, click on "Install Payment App".
  • After being installed, click on "Get Device Info" to confirm if the APK was successfully installed in the TPA (you can also confirm in the TPA itself).