PAX peripherals Kit

In order to be able to develop your APP and be able to communicate with the peripherals of the PAX terminal (eg printer, camera, etc), you can use the Neptune Service and PAX's NeptuneLiteAPI.

Neptune Service

This application manages the devices in PAX PayDroid-based terminals. The peripherals/devices include the printer, the card reader, the contactless card reader, etc.

If you want to develop your own APP, running inside the PAX POS, the Neptune Service must be installed. Check the installation, otherwise please install this application into the terminal, and then call the NeptuneLiteApi.

Link: NeptuneService

Neptune Lite API

Afterward, you can use the API/ to access the GPS, speaker, cameras etc.

The NeptuneLiteApi provides the APIs of the NeptuneService. This currently contains only the Device Adapter Layer module (DAL).

The DAL, provides uniform APIs of the device operation, therefore hiding the differences amongst different terminals.

Link: NeptuneLiteApi