Sandbox Testcases

The sandbox contains a list of test cases meant to assist you in implementation.

It is also the intention that you can use the sandbox for automatic integration testing of your service. We will not modify individual test cases and will deprecate them with a sufficient grace period if need be.



Test cases are valid only when using your TEST API key

Testcases for card payments

Paybyrd's servers will respond accordingly to the table below:

OperationTest caseExpected result
Pre Auth / Auth0.01 ~ 10.00Denied
Pre Auth / Auth10.01Timeout
Pre Auth / Auth10.02Error
Pre Auth / Auth>= 11.00Success
Capture0.01 ~ 20.00Denied
Capture>= 21.00Success
Refund0.01 ~ 30.00Denied
Refund>= 31.00Success

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