Pay by Link

Send your customer a link to pay online for anything. Payment Links are used to collect payments from your customers, wherever they are. A Payment Link is a simple web address that can be shared via SMS or email with your customers. When your customers click the link, they can complete the payment via Paybyrd checkout page.

Payment links are automatically sent through email and SMS when the shopper's email and phone number are provided. If the shopper's data is not informed, the link will be generated and you may send it by yourself.



Payment Links can be created via your Paybyrd Backoffice, via API your directly at your Paybyrd terminal.

01. Customize your Pay by Link

The text displayed in the Pay by Link sent via SMS and/or e-mail can be customized to best suit your business needs.

The text displayed has a maximum of 1.000 characters. In order to customize it sent an e-mail to [email protected], with the customized text in the languages that should be available.



Paybyrd currently supports the following languages: PT, ES, FR, DE, EN, and NL

02. Creating a payment link via API

You can find below an example of how to create a payment link and the response obtained:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: 5E37D19C-F99C-445F-8B77-1463EFC66C7B' \
--data '{  
  "Amount": "10.00",  
  "SellerEmailAddress": "[email protected]",
  "OrderRef": "ABC12345",
  "ShopperEmailAddress": "[email protected]",
  "ShopperFirstName": "John",
  "ShopperLastName": "Test",
  "ShopperPhoneNumber": "",
  "ExpiresIn": 24
    "paybyLink": "",
    "transactionId": "ad4293ed-7055-48b2-8bc5-2efaa4fdd34d"

See the full API reference here.

03. Creating a payment link via Backoffice

Go to Paybyrd's backoffice and click on the Pay by link menu.


Fill the form with the payment information. Once it's ready, you can click on Send link.


The link will be automatically sent to the shopper's email or phone number, according to the provided information.



Payment link messages are customizable. You can also send the link in different languages!